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What is compulsory basic training (CBT)?

This is where every new rider starts. We believe we offer the best value CBT in the area, with comprehensive, unrushed training. Our instructors are committed to giving you a full day of training, and you will never* be sent home early without having completed the course. *subject to weather and health, please see our Guarantee page

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The CBT in brief.

The CBT is a short course, with no exam, which all new riders, and riders who have not passed their test within 2 years of their last CBT, must take before riding on the road. It usually takes a full day.

You learn the controls of the bike, are taught to ride (or have your ability checked), there are 2 classroom discussions, and finally a ride on the roads of at least 2 hours.

When the instructor is happy you have shown the ability to ride at the required level, you will be issued your CBT certificate.

The CBT explained in full.

CBT is a course of mandatory basic motorcycle training which must be completed before a learner moped or motorcycle rider is allowed to ride unaccompanied on the road with L-plates.

CBT takes the form of five training modules, officially known as 'Elements'.

  • Element A. Eyesight test, introduction and legal stuff, plus a talk on safety clothing and equipment.
  • Element B. Introduction to the bike, it's controls, and safety checks.
  • Element C. Learning to ride the bike, how to do correct observations and junctions.
  • Element D. A theory lesson on road safety and legal requirements.
  • Element E. Practical on road riding. This is where you put the lessons learnt into effect, during a ride on the roads that will last at least 2 hours. During this time you will also practice certain exercises learnt during element C, such as doing U-turns and emergency stopping.

There is no test, but you will be required to reach a basic level of skill before the certificate will be issued. When you have satisfactorily completed all 5 elements, you will then be issued with a Certificate of Completion of Training (DL196). This is a legal document which serves to validate the relevant entitlements on the driving licence.

*Car drivers who held a FULL car licence before 1st February, 2001 do not require a C.B.T. certificate if they want to ride only a 50cc. However, car drivers who passed their car test after 1st february, 2001 must hold a C.B.T. certificate to validate their full moped entitlement (50cc). Provided the individual only rides a 50cc machine, the C.B.T. certificate will be valid for the life of the driving licence.

A DL196 is valid for 2 years. If you have not passed your practical test within the 2 years, you will have to re-take CBT.

Although most will complete in a day, this is your introduction to riding, and so should not be skimped. We will not allow any student who has not reached a safe level to complete the course, regardless of time taken.

Don't be fooled by guarantees of 1 day completion. When you take your CBT with us, it MAY take longer, but it's your safety that matters to us. If you have never riden a motorcycle before, we strongly advise to complete your CBT before committing to further training and booking your test.

We also recommend you use one of our bikes for this training, unless you are already used to your own machine. It does cost more, but if you do drop it, it's better that it's ours than your new pride and joy.

The course costs include fully comprehensive insurance (on our bikes and equipment), use of helmet, gloves, hi-visibility jacket, and waterproof over jacket and trousers. Many training bodies do not supply the waterproofs, but you cannot ride well if you are soaked and cold.

If you don't already have your own motorcycle clothing, you should be wearing full length trousers, and a long sleeved top or jacket, both of which should be hard wearing, such as denim. You should also wear boots if you have them. 

Routes to Your Licence

The laws about getting a full bike licence recently changed, and can be confusing. What courses you can do, and what bikes you can subsequently ride depend on your age. See the official DSA 'Routes to Your licence' flowchart HERE

If you are still not sure, please give us a call.


Guarantee. We believe we offer the best value and quality training in the area, and to this end, we offer a guarantee. See here for full details;

Road to Freedom Guarantee


Free try out sessions and assessments.

We are offering free 1 hour try out sessions for those thinking of trying out motorcycling, but not sure.

If you already have a valid CBT, not taken with us, we will give a free one hour assessment ride, to see how much training we think you would need on our test courses.

Come and see how you get on, and meet one of our instructors, absolutely without obligation. Available to suit your requirements, please phone to book a session.


We are proud members of the MCITA


Road to Freedom is a DSA Approved Motorcycle Training Body

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