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The post Test Training package is a great way to refresh your biking skills. The DSA (Driving Standards Agency the people who set and conduct the tests) have in conjunction with the Motorcycle Industry devised a package known as the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

The scheme is intended to benefit all bike riders who have a full motorcycle licence, irrespective to the size of bike, or the experience level of the rider. You will not need to take a test or even any training if your skills are assessed as satisfactory. You will also earn discounts on your insurance as a result.

Observation, Planning, Anticipation, Attitude, Control and Concentration all play a big part in making the complete rider a better and safer rider.

About the enhanced rider scheme

The enhanced rider scheme will:

Help you get more out of your riding

Make your riding more enjoyable

Give you a chance to show your skills – and qualify for an insurance discount as a result

There is no test involved. 

The enhanced rider scheme is for fully licensed motorcyclists who have passed their test. It’s ideal for you if you;

Have just passed your test

Are returning to riding after a break

Are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle

Want a health check on your riding

Just want to make your riding more enjoyable

Enjoy riding out in groups

What the enhanced rider scheme involves


Will have a riding assessment to find out what you are good at

Will get a ‘DSA certificate of competence’ if you don’t need any help from your trainer

Might have tailored training to help you be amongst the best and get more out of your riding

Choosing your enhanced rider scheme trainer

Your expert trainer will be a highly skilled rider who wants to share their knowledge and expertise with you in a very friendly manner.

Your trainer is also registered on the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Register of Post-test Motorcycle Trainers, so you can be assured of a very high standard of training.


About the enhanced rider scheme trainers

The expert trainers on the list:

Are all highly skilled riders

Have proved they have the skills to give you quality training

Are checked regularly to make sure they keep up a high standard

Want to share their expertise with you so you can get more out of your riding


The enhanced rider scheme assessment


You'll go for a ride out with your trainer. You'll ride in different road and traffic conditions so you can show them your skills.


The ride will last long enough for your trainer to make an accurate assessment of your needs. For most people this is one to two hours.


At the end of the assessment

If you don’t need any training, the process ends there – you'll then be eligible for an insurance discount


You'll get a ‘DSA certificate of competence’ and be eligible for an insurance discount.


You could then start thinking about moving onto an advanced riding course. Road to Freedom can offer these skills courses also.



The enhanced rider scheme assessment will find out;

What you’re good at

Where your trainer can help you get more out of your riding


If you need enhanced rider scheme training

Your training

You'll get expert advice and be shown how to sharpen your skills

If you do need some training, you'll get your own personalised plan for sharpening your skills.

The plan will focus on the areas that'll help you get more out of your riding.


What your training includes

The training is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach – it’s all personalised for you.

Your trainer will help you with the areas that will make your riding more enjoyable. They'll give you expert advice and show you how to improve your skills in areas like;

Cornering & Negotiating bends



Riding smoothly


How long the training lasts;

You’ll get as little or as much training as you need. How you get training varies on your needs. We offer;

All-day courses

Half day courses and assessment rides

Evening 2 hour assessment rides (summer only)


After you have had all the training you need you'll get;

a report about your riding

a ‘DSA certificate of competence’ – you can use this to get an insurance discount


Insurance discounts

 Most motorcycle insurance companies give discounts to riders who have the ‘DSA certificate of competence’

 Once you've got your ‘DSA certificate of competence’:

Contact one of the insurers brokers below to get a full quote

Give the name of the certificate

Most motorcycle insurance companies give discounts to riders who have the certificate.


Download Leaflet (PDF)

Routes to Your Licence

The laws about getting a full bike licence recently changed, and can be confusing. What courses you can do, and what bikes you can subsequently ride depend on your age. See the official DSA 'Routes to Your licence' flowchart HERE

If you are still not sure, please give us a call.


Guarantee. We believe we offer the best value and quality training in the area, and to this end, we offer a guarantee. See here for full details;

Road to Freedom Guarantee


Free try out sessions and assessments.

We are offering free 1 hour try out sessions for those thinking of trying out motorcycling, but not sure.

If you already have a valid CBT, not taken with us, we will give a free one hour assessment ride, to see how much training we think you would need on our test courses.

Come and see how you get on, and meet one of our instructors, absolutely without obligation. Available to suit your requirements, please phone to book a session.


We are proud members of the MCITA


Road to Freedom is a DSA Approved Motorcycle Training Body

Driving Standards Agency


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