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Tim, CBT & DAS

Just passed modual 2,can't say enough about Clive and Rob(Slim),from CBT to mod 1 and mod 2 they were fab,easy going but all the time getting the training spot on which makes the tests themselves that much easier,great team. Tim

Gary, DAS

Just want to say thanks to Clive & Road to Freedom for the advice and training given when undertaking my mod 1 & 2 and getting me through the tests; if your thinking of undertaking motorcycle training these are your guys, professional, friendly with one aim, give the best training, get you through your test first time and get you out on the road without the L's. Cheers Clive.

Ken, CBT & DAS

Did my CBT with Slim which was not only good fun but actually made me a better motor car driver to boot (driving 20 years plus!!!) Went on to do DAS module 1 + 2 with Clive and passed both first time. I cant praise them enough for their calm and professional help and advice. If you are thinking about taking up biking, talk to these guys first and dont go anywhere else for m/cycle training. Regards Ken

Tim, DAS

Wow... what can i say. Thank you very much Clive. Thank you for your patience, guidance, friendlyness and kindness. It made learning to ride a motorcycle a lot less intimidating and a very nice experience. I would definitely recommend Road to Freedom to others.

Tom, CBT & DAS

Gr8 more then happy with them and will send everyone I know to them

John, CBT

Superb ! An absolutely great day out. Slim and Clive were brilliant.Really great teaching with encouragement and confidence boosting. Happy in the knowledge I am being taught with future safety in mind and with the correct skills. Would recommend these guys to anyone .Thanks

Jaques, CBT

Just got my cbt done with r-2-f and it was amazing, had a laugh and with that i also learned stuff i didn't even know after ridding for 3 years They're a great and fun team to be with i strongly recomend road to freedom amazing place thanks for everything i'll be seing you soon :)

Charliegh, DAS

Hi i done my direct bike test with clive. quick reliable NOT A MONEY GRABBER LIKE OTHER COMPANYS.............. what a chap down to earth easy to get on with up for a laugh not the strict uneasy type !!!!! if you no what i mean he a tell you when your wrong in the way you understand..... no fancey !unrecanisable! words ;-p . i would put this chap forward to any man or woman that is in need of a instructor also you have slim in bristol another ace chap. Done my test in bristol i had the pleserrrr of both clive and slim in one day and i beniffitted from the knolage of them both end result PASS thanks boys char ;-)


Ian, CBT & DAS

I had Slim as my instructor for my CBT. Had a brilliant day and learnt so much more then when I originally did it several years ago. Clive looked after me for my DAS and was both helpful and patient. I've really enjoyed my training and am now looking forward to using the skills I've learnt on the open road. Many Thanks to Clive and Slim, I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for training.

Carrie, CBT & A2 125 course

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Slim and Clive for getting me through my CBT and 125 Test. I'd never been on a bike before I did the CBT which I thoroughly enjoyed and Slim was very patient with me. Clive got me through the 125 test with his calm and proffessional manner and I am now looking forward to getting my 1st bike. I would recommend road to freedom to anyone who wants to learn to ride a bike.

Asha, CBT

Had both Slim and Matt as instructors - absolutely amazing! Patience of saints and really made you feel at ease. Had a wonderful time! Very highly recommended! :D Thank you ever so much guys :) Asha

Danni, CBT    

having already done my cbt and not being able to afford DAS just yet i decided to renew my cbt and thought it would help me gain even more experience. Slim was my instructor and an amazing guy at that, he was such fun and we had a real laugh, he taught me so much more, than i had learnt 2 years ago, i had previous issues with corners etc as i had a small accident at a roundabout and stuff, and by the end of the day he taught me all i needed to know, and know just a few hours on, i am so much more confident, i actually love corners now, and really get into them, having a yzfr 125 he showed me how to understand and get the best from my bike, now i feel like a pro and cant wait to do my DAS with them, would highly recommend to anyone, male or female, such a welcome and warm friendly guys, R2F is the place to go for any biking training or experience, 10/10 guys :-)

Paul, CBT & DAS    
Many thanks to Clive,Slim and Matt for helping me through my CBT and DAS Course over the last couple of months as i can now ride my GSX-R750 K4 safely and confidently on the road in every day situations that may arise. all 3 instructors are very patient and knowledgeable when teaching, which helped me gain a 1st time pass on Mod1 and a 1st time pass with no faults on Mod 2 test, my advice is do not skimp on buying road experience time as this road experience gained is the key to success in passing 1st time.

Dave, CBT & A2 125cc test course    
If you think you are going to turn up and collect your CBT certificate, think again.
This is real training, to keep yourself and other road users safe.
The training for modules 1 and 2 was first class. There were no supprises on the day of the tests.
I can highly recommend RTF for motor cycle training.

Ollie, CBT    
Thanks very much Clive, I had never been on a road on a motorcycle/moped, and after that excellent instruction i feel very confident i can ride without being a hazard to myself or others.

Adam, CBT & DAS    
Clive and slim were both excellent teachers throughout my CBT to my DAS mod 2. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and couldn't recommend you highly enough.

Lindsey, CBT & A2 125 test course    
Did all my tests with Road to freedom and couldnt recommend anyone better for the job. They are friendly with a great sense of humour! taught me everything i needed to know. Still visit them now as not only were they my instructors but they became good friends! Couldnt have done it without them

Kyle, CBT    
Just easy setup and clear instructions, the instructers make you feel calm and once you start you find it great and have no worries

David, CBT & DAS    
Two really friendly guys with loads of knowledge and experience. Thanks to them I pass first time. Thanks for all your help David.

Paula, CBT & DAS    
Clive and Slim, fantastic instructors, very patient and very helpful, thanks for getting me on the road, loving every minute, hopefully see you at Morse's or on bike night, and you thought you'd got rid of me!! lol.
Highly recommended :-)

Dean, CBT    
Never ridden a bike before. Had "Slim" as my instructor. Great guy. Made sure i understood the bike and was confident before i went out on the road. Everything i was taught makes me feel safer on the road. Will definitely be going back to take my full bike test with R2F

Alan, CBT & A2 125 test course    
Just a note to say how much I appreciate the patient and excellent instruction I received from both Clive and in particular Slim. Many thanks

Rich, CBT & DAS    
Very Frendly, Profesional and helpful would highly recommend to anyone, experienced or not. great tutors.

Guy, DAS    
Passed direct access first time today. Fantastic all round service from start to finish. Many thanks

Chris, CBT & A2 125 test course    
Both my parents have motorbikes and they recommended this riding school highly so it seemed like a no-brainer.
Very glad I listened to their advice and I ended up doing my full test scoring only a single minor on the second test after only a few days training on a 125.

Alex, CBT    
This is the second time i have used R-2-F for my CBT and the quality of the course only gets better. Professional yet friendly and fun. I completely enjoyed the day and am looking forward to getting my full licence and hoping to get my wife back on a bike as soon as possible.Thanks again clive and look forward to seeing you soon.

Lo, CBT & A2 125 test course    
I had never riden a bike before i came to R2F. Being a first time woman rider, i was worried it would make me feel very intimidated! But not at all. I felt very at ease with both Clive and Slim and they made me feel comfortable to ride a bike safely. I didnt feel preasured or rushed at any time and passed both my mod 1 and 2 first time. Thank you so much for your time and patience. I would recomend you to absolutely anyone. Thanks again Lo.

Simon, CBT & DAS    
I don't usually do reviews but I couldn't let this pass. Just turned 50, never ridden a bike before and no bike of my own to practise on. First time DAS pass after a matter of just days of training. Absurdly pleased with myself but all thanks to some brilliant teaching from Clive; not to mention the patience of a saint. And all such good fun too. Thank you so so much. If you're reading this and deciding where to go for tuition you really don't need to bother looking anywhere else. You won't regret it.

Simon, CBT & DAS    
many thanks to slim and clive for all the training and advice given, passed all my tests 1st time, would recommend these guys to everybody they are very friendly and are excellent instructors, been riding now for nearly 2 weeks and loving every minute of it.

Marilyn, CBT    
Thanks, Clive, for a great course. I know I was hopeless, but you were very supportive and I am now really enjoying my riding and I feel safe and confident. I would encourage any other 'older ladies' to train with Clive.
Nick, CBT & DAS    
I'll sum this up in a few lines;
22nd January 2011 - I take my CBT with Clive, first time I have ever ridden a motorbike.
15th February 2011 - The fifth day I have ever been on a motorbike and I pass my module 2 of DAS. Passed both sections first time!
Clive was bloody brilliant, a great bloke and a better instructor.
Cheers Clive!

Conner, CBT    
I had never ridden a bike before, and I was introduced in the morning by the friendly instructors. We sat down and done all the "legal" nitty gritty and then set off. It was taught to us in a great manner and I loved every second. I would recommend them to anyone.
I hope to come back for my test very shortly

Roger, CBT & DAS    
At the age of 59 I decided it was time I passed my Bike test, lucky for me I chose Clive at Road To Freedom for some lessons. What a great teacher!!!!! Friendly and so very very helpful,this has been a brilliant experience and I am so very happy to have passed all the tests first time. Thank You Clive

Ben, CBT    
Brilliant, I'm glad I went with R2F. I wouldn't use anyone else. Friendly, very experienced, they don't rush you through. 5*

William, CBT    
I was nervous at the start, but had a very enjoyable time

Mike, CBT    
The day was much better than expected, the instructor that was training me on the day was very enthusiastic about CBT training and also very easy to get along with. The instructor was happy to answer any questions and to repeat himself so you could understand fully before you go onto the roads. I would totally recommend Road to freedom to friends.

Reece, CBT    
enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone

Ian, 125cc test course    
My instructor Clive was very friendly & helpful while still being very profesional.

Richard, CBT & DAS    
Learning to ride a bike has been on my list of must does for a long time. The approach taken by the instructors at RTF made the whole experience very enjoyable and one I would recommend to anyone thinking about learning to ride.

Alistair, CBT & DAS    
fantastic and very professional will recomend

Lyndsey, CBT    
Did my CBT with R-2-F and it was such a fun day. I felt relaxed and welcome. This course is defintiely for people with a great sense of humour. I'd recommend it to anyone. Will be back soon to do mod 1 and 2. :D cant wait

Samie, DAS    
Really happy with my results cheers slim and clive for your help and making me feel welcome had a laugh and got results at the same time

Janet, CBT    
completed the c b t today after a very nervous start..but after a few hours with the guys they put me at rest and built my confidence.. clive and slim are two of the most patient people ive met.i couldnt recomend anybody better to get you prepared for the road..a big thankyou....janet

Daniel, CBT & DAS    
What can i say? ive had an amazing time and have passed my long awaited DAS thanks to both Clive and Slim. Both were excellent. Ive wanted to ride a bike for many years and after my taster lesson with Clive through GETON i certainly had the bug. My CBT training with Clive was excellent. He was very patient as i was a novice. The skills i learnt from him were put to good effect in my DAS training with Slim. Slim was also excellent and communicated his knowlege very well. If i had any problems understanding he would use other methods to get the message across. I passed all tests first time with very few minors, all thanks to Clive and Slim.
Thank you both so much. Anyone thinking of bike training, these are the guys you need.

Kelvin, CBT & DAS    
I had never been on a bike untill I started with you/them
within 4/5 weeks they got me throught my test
Great service
Would recommend them to anyone

Scott, CBT & DAS    
From my cbt with Slim to mod 1 & 2 with Clive i was given clear instructions and lots of encouragement making the whole experience very enjoyable & alot easier than what has been made out about the new tests. I would and will recommend Road to Freedom to all of my friends wanting to ride a motorbike, thanks guys & keep up the good work. Scott

Richard, DAS    
This was for me, one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time. I couldn't have chosen a better company and instructor/s to guide me through the direct access course training.
The 2 instructors are similar in their approach, Clive is very calm, as is "Slim", but whereas Clive trains with positive reinforcement, Slim will, if necessary, be much firmer where needed.
I was fortunate enough to pass my DAS course completely, scoring no faults on my manoeuvring and control module 1, but had five minor faults on module 2. This was mostly down to my nerves on the day, as 2 points were scored on slow control as I parked the bike after my test, and allowed the bike to roll back a little. (Be aware of the little incline where you park the bike after the test)
All things considered, I am extremely pleased with the whole experience, obviously passing was the icing on the cake, but I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone who cares to ask for any form of motorcycle training.
Thank you very much Slim, for your words of encouragement, and big thanks to Clive for your calmness, even when I made the "odd" mistake.
You are both a credit to motorcycle trainers everywhere.
Scott, CBT & 125 test course    
just like to say thank you to road to freedom made the whole course really easy to get through with good training and good instructors would recomend them to anyone doin cbt or full course thank you
Scott, CBT & DAS    
It was always a dream of mine to get a motorcycle, not a 49cc but something which would excite me and with thanks to Clive & Slims excellent training my dream has become a reality. I was nervous but that soon went away as i was amade to feel at ease, so much so i enjoyed every second. Even the mod 1 test which i wasnt looking forward to at all. Road to Freedom will be recommended to anyone that i know who want to get onto 2 wheels. Thanks guys for helping me pass first time :)
Nina, CBT    
slim was briliant didnt get cross when i fell off for the 3rd time just made sure i was ok and that i was happy to carry on, road test i was nervus but he talked me throught it and managed to pass thanks slim now my real learning begins
Ross, CBT & DAS    
Many thanks to Clive and Slim for helping me pass the CBT and DAS courses with confindence. Thier firm tuition gave me the support I needed that helped me pass all my tests first time- and i was a complete novice!! Clive and slim were very friendly, extemely helpful and ensure you build on your biking skills correctly. Don't look any further than these guys for training you to become a biker, i highly recommend them, i have already referred some friends who want to ride also! And i will be back there to do my enhanced riders course soon.
Sue, CBT    
A friendly and professional service from Road to Freedom. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to ride a motorbike or scooter. Clive and Slim made the whole experience enjoyable even though I was very nervous at the start. Thank you both for giving me the confidence I needed to complete my CBT, I had a great day.
John, CBT & DAS    
I have recently passed my test with the help of Clive and Slim,they were excellent teachers and made the learning a pleasure also their knowledge helped me to obtain my full bike license,i would recommend them to anyone and have,my i wish them all the best for the future
Jen, CBT    
I did my CBT with Clive, what a brilliant day. He has a lot of patience and with his re-assurance and easy explanation I was riding comfortably on the road by the end of the day. Having constant communication and clear instruction from Clive out on the road was brilliant and soon helped me relax. I will be back soon to do my Direct Access!
Ben, CBT & DAS    
Thankyou Clive for all your help and advice throughout the training. I was a little nervous before riding again, following a little stint at 16 on a moped, but your clearly spoken instructions and guidance filled me with confidence, and because of this I flew throught the tests, and feel very confident on the road. I would even stretch to say it has made me a better driver. Personal Thanks to Clive and everyone at Road to Freedom and Morse's Motorcycles who made the training period very enjoyable.
Neal, CBT & DAS    

This was the first time i had ever even sat on a motorcycle and as a result has all of the concern that comes with it. Road to Freedom was an intense but amazingly enjoyable experience. Clive is a great trainer who puts years of experience into simple terms and examples to make sure you can pick up riding wihtin the time provided. I literally went straight from C.B.T. to DAS and passed first time with confidence. A great experience that i would recommend and have done to many friends since!
Jamie, CBT & A2 125 course    
Great course with a cracking bunch of guys, Completely new to bikes and if you had told me within a couple months i would have passed my test i would have laughed.. Clive made it possible. Thanks mate! all the best.
Molly, CBT    
I was very pleased with your service. Thankyou
Jim, CBT & DAS    
I recently took my DAS with Clive in April 2010. Clive's training and knowledge was second to none, i passed all aspects of my tests first time having never ridden before and i haven't looked back since!
Jane, refresher    
I decided to go for a "refresher" after recently returning to biking. I was a bit nervous, but this soon disappeared, as Clive is a really friendly and positive instructor. The morning was a relaxed, informative and totally worthwhile experience, that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was worth every penny, and I would recommend r2f to anyone.
Dave, CBT    
I have just completed my CBT with Clive, what a great day! The pace of the course was just right, and Clive was incredibly patient. I came away with the bug to go on and do my test :-)
Kevin, CBT & DAS    
Clive and Slim are Great instructors and firm enough to get you a pass in your test however they also have a GREAT sense of Humour which helps.....
I wish to THANK them Both for their Time and Help.
I recommend Road 2 Freedom to everyone
Scott, CBT    
What a fantastic birthday it has been Clive has been fabulous and a great instructor. Clive is Very quick simple and concise and gives you great confidence in facing the open road ! I would really recommend this service to anybody because of Clive mainly as well as all of the staff at Morses !
Andy, CBT & DAS    
what a guy!!, right from the start Clive made this the easiest goal to achieve, an excellent instructor, At every step of the way I was shown and assisted and nothing was too much to ask. A pass on mod 1 and 2 first time !!
Clive treats people like people and to say this is his living, its more like a hobby, he love's it! If your the kind of person that finds it hard to trust in what people have to say then go and meet Clive, he's a rare find in this day and age.
A BIG Thank-you Clive, you've made a dream come true.
Hope to meet up on the bike soon.
May 2010.
David, DAS    
I went into my course very nervous coming from a biking family and friends awaiting that first sunny afternoon ride out felt I had a lot of pressure to succeed, but after the first few minutes though I was head strong and in the mind state to learn and do well, from the information and praise from Clive explaining in great detail everything I had to do also but also the patience when I did forget things to go over it until it stuck. Now thanks to Clive and Road to freedom I now have my license and I am free to ride out and do so while feeling safe.
Paddy, CBT    
very good nice frendly loved it :)
Paul, A2 Automatic test course    
Clive- many thanks for your patience, especially over Mod 1-especially THAT speed manoevre - your help got me through it. And then your flexibility in giving me chance to gain confidence on the road was key in enabling me to pass Mod 2 first time without feeling at all nervous or worried about it.
I will be back for some enhanced rider training later in the year- and will happily recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to ride. Big thanks!
Tom, CBT    
I was slightly nervous before doing my CBT but Clive made it a very informal friendly atmosphere. He was clear with instructions, everything he taught me was explained fully so I knew exactly what I had to do. Out on the road I felt very confident and safe with him following me. Overall I had a great day and would recommend Road to Freedom to any person wanting to take bike training. Thanks again for a great day!
Trudy, CBT & DAS    

Just like to start by saying BIG thank you, they are brill they put you at ease from the moment they start training you expect to have a laugh as you got to enjoy it and they make sure you do.I would recommend them to anyone wanting to do there motorbike courses from cbt to direct access i did both. so if i can pass there's hope for anyone,
Thank you again.x x Trudy.
Rose, A2 125 course    
I was the one who was too scared to take the new test. A month later and I have my licence! Thanks to Clive for giving me a trial for the new test and to Paul for all his patience and understanding during the training for it. Please don't be put off by the press, I wasted a whole summer of biking because of them.
Kat, CBT & A2 125 test course    
hey thank you so much for gettin me through mod1 and 2!! recommend anyone to do the lessons with road to freedom!! the freedom is awesome!! thankyou again so much for believing in me!!! kat
Pat, CBT & DAS    

Both Clive and Paul are excellent confidence builders. Everyone gets a little nervous leading up to their test but they made each manoeuvre seem so easy that those nerves don't last long!
I felt very relaxed throughout and the course never felt rushed at any time. I passed modules 1 and 2 first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyone looking for instruction could do a million times worse than signing up here.
Rachael, CBT & DAS    
Oh my, If your looking for an instructor with patience that is second to none then look no further. I was possibly the biggest wreck before a test you have ever set eyes on and with the shear bloody mindedness and determination of Clive I've passed my DAS course. The freedom will have on that first ride alone is awesome. If your looking for an instructor that's approachable patient and willing to believe in you 1000% look no further.
Rob, DAS    
I decided that I wanted to gain my full bike licence after just finishing university and having some free time on my hands. Both Clive & Paul were excellent tutors throughout my time spent with them learning to pass my module 1 & 2 tests.
Thank you guys for your top service
Nick, CBT & DAS    
I have riden bikes a few times many years ago and decided that it was time to get my licence. The CBT training was very comprehensive and gave me a lot of confidence after not having riden for such a long time. Paul instructions were excellent. After this I had to pass my theory, I bought a couple of DSA CD's and practices every night for a week and on line as well and passed first time. After this I took a 2.5 day direct access course. I was quite nervous at first as the new motorcycle test requires you pass both a module 1 & module 2 test. But in reality with the excellent instruction from Clive and lots of practice particularly for the swerve and stop and several runs of the test route for module 2 I actually passed both modules first time. I was over the moon. This shows that the level of instruction and the course was first class. If you are thinking about getting your bike licence, go for it its really not that difficult and its a lot of fun. I would really recommend taking your CBT and the Direct Access course with Road to Freedom. I am also planning on taking the enhanced riders scheme course with them when I eventually get a bike.
Paul, CBT & DAS    
CBT with Paul, Great introduction to riding, every thing explained fully by a very friendly, approachable guy. BE WARNED YOU WILL WANT TO FULL TEST AFTER A DAY WITH PAUL.
DAS with Clive. Scarey looking bloke (??? Clive lol) with the patience of a saint. Again very approachable guy, if you aint sure ask. DAS course was great, comprehensive training for the mod 1 and 2 tests. The dreaded mod 1 is a breeze with the proper training and preperation you will get from Clive. Passed both mods first time!!
Thank You for a great start to the world of motorcycles Clive and Paul.
Already reccomending you to my friends.
Will be in contact ref the ERS soon.
Kirsten & Ken, CBT & DAS    
We are glad we did our tests with you, you made us feel confident and at ease. We would happily recommend you to anyone we know. I was really nervous before my test but thanks to Clive i relaxed and passed first time, as did my husband. I love my 600, but I'm thinking of something bigger now. Thanks again. Kirsten and Kenn
Ryan, A2 125 course    
Paul and Clive were absolutely great. Helped me get rid of the bad little habits I had picked up since my CBT. Passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time due to their awesome tuition.
They are two of the friendliest people you will ever meet and when out training with them it's like being taught by a mate not a scary teacher who will reprimand you for every little mistake!
If you're thinking of learning to ride, book up some training with these guys and go for it! It'll be the best money you've ever spent.
Andrew, CBT & A2 125 course    
I recently trained with road to freedom, from complete novice to gaining a full licence. The new test is not difficult to pass, despite the negative press it received. 'Road to Freedom' will give you quality training and make you a safe and proficient motor-cyclist, you owe it to yourself! Many thanks to you all, Andrew
Dean, CBT & DAS    
I have just passed my DAS motorcycle test and couldn't be happier with the training recieved at R2F.
Following the media speculation concerning the two part motorcycle test, I was quite apprehensive about the course, especially the module 1 swerve and stop manoeuvre. R2F have access to a good, safe training areas and there is no aspect of the tests that you are left out of practice for, indeed I found the the swerve and stop the easiest part of the module 1 test. The whole course was interesting and enjoyable and I passed both modules on my first attempt.
All of the instructors are friendly, patient and knowledgeable especially for complete beginners such as myself.
Having been referred by my brother, I would recommend R2F to anybody thinking of learning to ride a motorcycle.
Thanks again
Charlie, CBT & DAS    
Thanks to Clive and Paul for their patience with me they gave me confidence in my self .
I should have done my bike test 30 years ago but I am glad I have done it now,with your training and the way you explain things I am looking forward to the next 30 years of 2 wheels on the road.
I would definately recomend r-2-f to anyone their training is spot on,keep up the good work.
Suzie, CBT    
Paul was a fantastic instructor. I was so nervous to begin with, with he soon calmed my nerves and made me realise that riding wasn't as scary as I first thought. As the day continued, my confidence grew and by the end I couldn't stop smiling. Thanks to Paul for all his help, and all our little breaks!
James, CBT & DAS    
I took the CBT with Paul and Direct Access Course with Clive. I found them to friendly, helpful and explained everything extremely well. Their patience put me at ease. I would highly recommend Road to Freedom to anyone.
The mod 1 is not as bad as I had heard don't worry
Terry, A2 125 course    
I thought it was very easy and passed both mods 1st time. very good at teaching you and would 100% recommend! Thanks RTF
Abbi, CBT    
Did my CBT with Paul and was quite nervous before hand. The day went really well and a lot better than expected! Good fun as well. Would definitely recommend them.
Duncan, Refresher    
After a gap of 25 years since I last rode a bike, the refresher course was just the thing I needed to give me the confidence to get back on a bike. An excellent day, good pace and good instruction. Overall, an excellent back-to-biking experience.
Ben, CBT    
A fantastic experience with you guys. I can honestly say that I will certainly come to you for all my bike training. you were patient, helpful and gave great confidence to me as a learner. will also be recommending you to new riders like me. thanks very much. Ben
Matt, A2 125 test course    
Clive made the experience fun and easy, (as he says its all about the training), he is friendly,talkative and also a good listener. He fills you with confidence and gets you motivated.
Jeremy, CBT & A2 125 course    
Too much negative "hype" about the Module 1 and 2 test, don't believe it, it really isn't that bad and you will have Clive and Paul on your side.
Ross, CBT    
It was a lot better than i expected and the instructor made it very easy to get confident with the bike. My skills and confidence grew within a short space of time. the experiance was fab.
Alex, CBT & DAS    
Many thanks to Paul and Clive for teaching me (a complete novice) how to ride a bike, from the basics on my CBT through to passing the DAS. Learn to ride in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere - Pass first time with Road to Freedom!
Tony, CBT & DAS    
Excellent, throughly enjoyed every minute of it, highly recommended. Nice friendly people and a pleasure to learn with
Graham, A2 125 test course    
Many Thanks!.....and thanks to Paul I passed my A2 first time.
My success is due to Paul's clear and constructive tuition that I found very helpful and enjoyable. His professional teaching got me the result!
I would certainly recommend Road To Freedom to all my friends.
Many thanks again!
Matt, CBT & DAS    
Thanks to Clive and Paul I am now able to exercise my freedom on two wheels. A friend of mine had just passed his test using R2F,and I really wanted to join him on the many bike rides that he kept telling me about.So I approached the guys having not really ridden ever before and even before we started training I already felt confident that these guys would get me through it,and they did first time out. All I can say is thank you guys,look forward to showing you my new VFR when I get.
Tim, CBT & A2 125    
You got me from a novice wobbler to a pass in 2 1/2 days worth of excellent training. Alway's polite but direct, just what was needed. I've already book up for the enhanced training!
Chris, CBT & DAS    
very helpful and good at thier job I really enjoyed the course highly recommended
Matt, CBT & DAS    
I went from being a complete novice, to legally riding an SV650 in a about 4 days. Absolutely fantastic.
Terry, CBT & DAS    
I took the CBT with Paul and Direct Access Course with Clive. I found them to friendly, helpful and explained everything extremely well. Their patience put me at ease. I would highly recommend Road to Freedom to anyone.
Kim, CBT & A2 125 course    
Woo hoo!!! I have just passed my A2 with only 4 minors which were down to me being dopey rather than the training!
Paul is a lovely instructor who uses gentle coaxing and a lot of humour to get you up to test standards. I was absolutely terrified of doing the U-turn but Paul talked me through it time after time after time......!!!
I would seriously recommend them to any friends who are thinking of taking to 2 wheels, especially any female friends, as both Paul and Clive are really good at boosting your confidence and getting you well prepared for a lifetime of happy biking.
I never thought I would pass but I did and its pretty much down to these guys at R-2-F!
Thank you so much! :-)
Tim, CBT & DAS    

My first attempt for the CBT had to be abandond due to two cars in the middle of the training area, the second due to the snow on Feb 7th so when Paul arrived on friday the 13th with a swollen hand from a mosquito bite I thought I was not meant to do this course. Thanks to some quick thinking Paul found a replacement trainer for the road ride section of the CBT. This is an example of the dedication of these two. onto the DAS with Clive. All through the course the prime objective seems to be " if you are not enjoying yourself " you are doing something wrong !! A more professional organisation will be hard to find. The training is top rate and they will both give you as much time as needed to get it right, if you want to do an extra U turn or hill start or whatever then Clive says "go on , do it again" Thanks to both of them I am now the proud owner of a Bike Licence.
If like me you feel you should have done it years ago when it was easy dont worry, these guys will make it a pleasure. Dont just sit there GET OUT AND DO IT !! ( Just beware of the Bacon Butties, they could become addictive )
Wendy, A1 light motorcycle Auto    
Excellent, Don't think I could have asked for better.
Ivan, CBT & DAS    
great service, very polite, great temperament all in all you wont go wrong using road to freedom training, you will learn quick with rtf and that will save you time and money, thanks to them i passed first time
Keith, CBT & A2 125 course    
I have done my CBT and restricted access with Paul. His instruction was excellent, he is very easy to get along with and very good at putting you at ease. He inspires great confidence which meant that I passed my test first time. Thank you to him.
Stuart, CBT & DAS    
took my cbt with paul and my das with clive both guys were really helpfull putting you at ease all the way through. passed 1st time with only 3 minors all thanks to these guys, the guy i did my lessons with also passed 1st time and 3 minors so this proves they give good training, would recommend any time
Wendy, CBT & A2 125 test course    
I took my CBT with Paul 2 years ago and was very nervous. He put me at ease straight away and he believed in me!! I went back again December last year because my 2 years were up. He was again very helpful fitting me in to a time to suit me. I again was very nervous but by the end of the day couldnt think what I was worried about. Paul encouraged me to take my bike test. He fitted his time around me to take the test and some tuition. Paul was so good at explaining everything and was very understanding. Hey presto I passed my test with just 2 minor faults. I even enjoyed it!!! I would recommend anybody to go to Road to Freedom.
Kevin, CBT & DAS    
Thanks Paul and Clive you were extremley helpful with my CBT and then direct access training. I passed 1st time. I'll see you soon for the enhanced rider scheme.
Luke, DAS    
Could not ask for any better. Clive is brillant got me through my direct access first time with 0 minors on my test. Anyone that wants to do any training i suggest you ring these people
Graham, CBT & DAS    
clive and paul were excellant very professional and friendly, passed cbt and das with only 2 minors credit to both my instructers, they put you at ease from day one, nice bikes plus all weather gear supplied brilliant time, RECOMMEND 100% do it now !
Richard, CBT & A2 125 course    
great instuction and a very friendly company have already recomendid to all my mates. very very pleased.
Ann, CBT and A2 125 test course    
Paul thank you for your patience and belief in me
Liam, CBT & A2 125 test course.    
A lot of fun, whilst learning and keeping very safe. Light hearted banter which helps keep the nerves down and therefore optimises performance and learning. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone and everyone, considering i had never ridden a bike before and now have an A2 license after only a CBT and 2 half days! (more down to the quality of instruction than my own skill!)
Paul, CBT, auto to gear conversion, A2 125 test course.    
My instructor was Paul for the CBT, gear conversion course and 125 test course.

All three were good fun, very useful and worth the money. Before the 125 test Paul was extremely good at picking up my bad habits. He was very knowledgeable about the routes I would take and I turned up to the test centre very confident. Their bikes are in great condition, I even had handwarmers on mine. I would definately recommend road to freedom and am sure I will take my enhanced course with them.
John, CBT    
After so many years away from bikes, (the gears were on the right hand side) I was very pleased to regain the confidence I once had. Paul is a very good instructor who guided me through the cones, through the gears and made me safely aware of the braking system. Very soon I was in traffic on the open road and then on into Weston Super Mare with all its problems for a novice rider. Paul once again was brilliant in giving me confidence and all the time (without seeming to) pushing the safety issue. Thanks and I will be back for the rest.
Mark, CBT & DAS    
Had a great time, great instructors, very helpful and will be doing my higher level course with you soon.
Many Thanks for all you help, Mark
Rob, CBT & DAS    
A friendly, enjoyable, helpful, professional service. Second to none that I know of. Thanks for making my road to freedom an absolute pleasure!
Claire, CBT & DAS    
This feedback is directed to all ladies out there that would like to feel the freedom of the road, two wheel style!

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect from male instructors , but I needn't have worried.

Paul took me for my CBT. It was my first time on a geared bike and after an explanation of it's workings it was time to try it out. So many things to co-ordinate I thought, but it was fine, and don't worry your not out on the road at this point (private training area). You don't go out onto the road until instructor and rider are happy and safe. Even in 1st gear I knew I was going to enjoy it. Paul's sense of humour really puts you at ease and with his patience and praise your soon on your way. I knew by the end of my CBT that I wanted to do my DAS.

Clive instructed me for my DAS and just like Paul he's a really fun and funny guy. They both display a great deal of professionalism. They know exactly where to draw the line between having a laugh and when to be serious where safety is concerned.

Clive is a real believer in anyone who wants to learn to ride. His approach is very positive and you go to your test full of confidence.
I'm now riding daily. I only wish I'd done it years ago. - Thanks guys is been a pleasure!

Male or Female this is the place to come!!!!!
John, CBT & DAS    
I had paul for my CBT and clive for my DAS they were spot on, very helpful and worth every penny.
Simon, CBT    
Thanx Paul you put me at ease and made the course fun aswell as rewarding! :)
Mark, CBT & DAS    

I completed My CBT with Paul and my DAS with Clive.
To start both courses were great. I was left questioning how many years ago I was allowed on the road with NO training and survived.
The guys are very relaxed and constantly encouraging. Even though I was somewhat anxious at the prospect of the course I was immediately put at ease with a warm welcome and a cup of tea.
Clive and Paul during the whole process were very encouraging and constantly gave praise. They are also able to give good constructive criticism that will improve your riding technique.
As a result of the excellent training that I received I am now enjoying the benefits of riding a shiny new bike and am loving every minute of it. The courses that I took were brilliant and as I say I cannot explain enough how spot on the guys are.
If Road to Freedom are fully booked wait for a space you wont regret it.
Thanks to Both Clive and Paul for some top training getting me to my test with the skills needed to pass and introducing me to some superb bacon Butties.
Cheers guys 5 Star.
Paul, CBT & DAS    

I have taken both my CBT and DIRECT ACCESS with road to freedom and felt that both courses had a very constructive approach towards training and influencing the trainees in a positive manner. I had already ridden 125cc bikes before but during my CBT i felt Paul offered a very assertive approach to his training course, Giving great feedback to myself on how to improve aspects of my riding ability.
When i later took my DIRECT ACCESS Clive was again very informative and encouraging in his whole approach while training both myself and the other trainee riding with us.
I had some minor reserves concerning some of my abilities on a larger bike but Clive soon put my mind at ease and with in my 2 days training i was feeling more and more confident.
When it came to actually taking my test i had no real concerns regarding having been taught enough to pass. I felt that Clive had given me every bit the proper training and encouragement needed to make my test and have it go without a hitch.
I passed my test on september 9th 2008 and only had 1 minor which i knew i had done prior to my examiner telling me thanks to the level of training i received.
So i would like to take this oppotunity to thank both Clive and Paul for all there help and encouragement during my training with them both. I whole heartedly recommend Road to Freedom to anyone considering taking either there CBT or there DIRECT ACCESS courses
James, 125 test course    
thanks for the professional friendly training that got me through my test in confidence in no time at all. I had a very enjoyable time whilst learning how to ride safely and professionaly i will recommend you to anyone who's interested in getting a motorcycle.see you out there on two wheels soon
Dave, DAS    
Excellent time; thanks Clive you are an amazing instructor, very professional and full of helpful information and advice that I will always remember. Very enjoyable time; thanks Clive for getting me to pass - even when I forgot my glasses! Thoroughly recommend
Louise, 125 test course    
Hardest but most enjoyable two days spent with Clive. I even enjoyed my test. Thanks to Clive's immense patience, hard work and professionalism I PASSED! Thanks Clive - would definitely recommend
Tim, CBT & DAS    
Back on a bike after 20 years. The courses were great. The instructors were friendly, relaxed, clear and honest. Couldn't fault them at all.
Jayne, 125 test course    
Still on a high, having passed my A2 125 today! Thanks Paul - you said I could do it and thanks to your support and calm, laid back approach, I did. Looking forward to lots of riding ahead, 'Road to Freedom' really sums it up. Thanks again. Worth every penny.
Neil, CBT & DAS    
Excellent experience. Instructers very friendly, professional and calm whilst training. Level of training superb with no stone left unturned to get you through the test. The most enjoyable couple of days I have spent for a long time including the test! All road users including car drivers should do this course to improve road awareness.
Mark, CBT & DAS    
Hi Clive and Paul thanks for a great weekend of bike riding. The whole experience was a pleasure and was very professional hope to see you soon on the open road.
Donna, CBT & DAS    
I had the best time. I would do it all again tomorrow if I could. Any ladies out there thinking about taking their test should book with these guys, they are friendly, calm and approachable, not a bit scary. They are fab! Go for it!
Mike, CBT & DAS    
A very professional, thorough and informative course. The instructors were very good at putting all the right information across whilst making this course a relaxed and highly enjoyable experience. Thanks guys.
Steve, DAS    
My thanks to Clive for a thoroughly enjoyable 3 1/2 day DAS course. Your patience and understanding throughout the course is commendable ! Not forgetting the lovely grub on sale at the very handy 'Cube' and the well timed tea breaks through the course !
Needless to say, a huge buzz when I passed my test 1st time!
Thanks again Clive. I'll pass the word around my workmates about your training courses.
Only wish I'd originally done my CBT with R2F now!
Jon, CBT & 125 A2 test course    
I took my cbt with Paul in march and found his instruction and willingness to help excellent, I have now taken and passed (first time) my 125 test and again Paul's teaching and instruction was excellent, I would recommend road to freedom to anyone who is thinking of taking to the road on two wheels. Many thanks to Paul and Clive.
Billy, CBT & DAS    
Thank you so much Clive and Paul. An absolute first class course. I had never rode a motorbike until I went to 'Road To Freedom' and they provided exellent training making it easy and fun to learn. thanks again
Kristina, DAS    
Hi Clive and Paul I think it has only just sunk in that I have passed and thanks to you both have now gained my full licence. Thanks for giving me lots of encouragement and advice, it was made by you both a very enjoyable experience . I really cant thank you enough. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU
Doug, CBT & DAS    
I would like to thank both Clive and Paul for their helpfulness and patience.
Both courses were extremely enjoyable and beneficial, I consider myself a far better rider now. Thank you both very much and I would have no hesitation in recommending R-2-F
Roger, DAS    
A very enjoyable course done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but very informative and well constructed.
Simon, CBT & DAS    
I done my CBT with Paul and then I had month break and went back for my DAS with Clive. I had a very enjoyable few days and they are both very friendly people. The course was good and the training was also very good! I passed first time and felt confident in what I had been taught! I would have no problems recommending them to anyone!

Thanks guys!
Dave, DAS    
I'm 21 and now thanks to R-2-F I can start enjoying my life on the open road,my dad has been telling me to take my bike test and ditch the car for years but as all ways I knew best and as normal I was wrong(don't you just hate it when the old man is all ways right) well thanks to Clive at R2F I've done it best feeling in the world. I would recommend R2F to every body the training is first class.
thanks Clive.............
Justin, CBT & DAS    
From start to finish the course was informative and fun,although i had nerves like everybody Clive and Paul put my mind to ease and what i thought was going to be a stressful time turned out to be a great 3 day's topped off with a direct access certificate.Road to Freedom is a must for every budding rider
Reed, Auto to geared bike conversion, 125 test course    
Paul is a really friendly instructor and I've manage to learn to ride a 125cc geared bike in two and half day training I've passed first time and Paul has great teaching methods and I like to come back some time to do so advance training?
Amie, CBT & DAS    

I started off with Paul at R2F on a very hot Aug afternoon after my boyfriend (who passed with r2f) had pestered me into doing a couple of hours on the bike. Being a girl I had heard some horror stories about male instructors yet I needn't have worried with Clive and Paul.

From day 1 they were both supportive, friendly and great fun to train with.

I had a great day doing my CBT with Paul, never did he shout or make me feel stupid (which I felt a lot to begin with!). He has a calm, laid back approach which eased me nicely into biking.

And then there was Clive.... He was patient, enthusiastic, and had an unwavering belief that I could be a good rider and pass my test.

I went from being a complete newcomer to bikes to having passed my test, owning my own bike and riding to work on a daily basis straight after I passed my test-this is how much confidence their training instilled in me.

If you're looking for a school to learn with I could not recommend more highly road to freedom.

Not only did I have 2 great instructors but I feel that I have made 2 firm friends, who now have no chance of getting rid of me!!!

Emma, CBT & 125 test course.    
I just want to say a massive thank you to the guys at road to freedom.
You gave me the confidence to get back on my bike and pass my test first time after being knocked off and in a cast for 4 months. The training was very professional but not intimidating or test like in anyway.
Paul and Clive's dedication and patience meant the lessons were not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable, just like going for a ride with some good mates. They will teach you everything you need to know and more. If you want to get into motorbiking or need to progress further with your bike, I would not hesitate in recommending them.
They are truly fantastic. Thanks again!
Lorraine, CBT & DAS    
thanks for a great 3 days , Clive you have the patience of a saint and nothing seems too much trouble , even when you have to repeat yourself several times , the course was great fun , even when I fell off during my u turn !!! i was glad to get through the test with just 2 minors although on a restricted licence , I now need to work off the excess pounds from the bacon butties !!! , thanks Clive for making a long term dream of mine come true , am going bike shopping at the weekend then hopefully will see you on the road , many thanks again
Chris, CBT & DAS    
great course great guys really cant than kyou enough for getting me through first time to thanks guys
Chris, CBT & 125 Test Course    
I would like to thank both Clive and Paul for their friendly, professional and patient attitude. Learning to ride with road to freedom was a great experience, especially passing first time, and I would highly recommend the excellent standards of teaching and equipment to all new riders.
Darrell, CBT & DAS    
Both the CBT and DAS were great fun. Paul and Clive are friendly and put you immediately at ease - even after the 10th failed U Turn... Thanks both, absolutely chuffed with my first time pass and owe it to your dedication during the course.
Karen, Back To Biking Refresher    
I was quickly made to feel relaxed. The plan for the day was clearly explained. Clive was helpful in that he told me what I was doing correctly, but where I could make improvements. The day has given me back my confidence to go and get on my bike.
Dave, CBT & Das    
Both the CBT and the DAS were delivered with excellent training which as a total newbie has now got me riding my Yamaha Fazer 600 with a lot of confidence. I passed my Test first time thanks to Clive's excellent training methods and I am very thankful to Road to Freedom for my new found Freedom
Neil, CBT & DAS    
I would like to thank Clive and Paul for helping me to achieve a life long ambition - and I passed first time. I had a lot of fun doing my training which helped a lot with my nerves. Both Clive and Paul gave excellent tuition in a very relaxed but highly professional way. I would recommend Road to Freedom without any hesitation. Once again - thank you
Dave, CBT & 125 Test Course    
Excellant training and good equipment, after the cbt I had and then the test, passed! What can you say, fantastic,thanks lads
Jak, 125 test course    
Brilliant people, friendly and know their job to perfection, wouldn't have been able to pass with out their help, thanks guys
Alfred, CBT & DAS    
I would urge anyone who was thinking about taking there bike test to use Clive and Paul (road to freedom) Fantastic courses, very professional and patient!
Phil, CBT & DAS    
I would like to forward my sincere gratitude to both Paul and Clive for their helpfulness and patience.
Both courses were extremely enjoyable and beneficial to the point that I consider myself to be a far better rider overall. Thank you both very very much and I hope you both have a very merry Christmas and happy new year!!
Martin, CBT    
would like to thanks Clive a lot for being a great instructor, the day was good fun and i learnt a lot from Him. RTF is the only place to do your license. got ma cbt, had fun, learnt, 100% recommended to my mates. thx
Oliver, CBT & DAS    
Big thanks to Paul & Clive... 1 st time rider, great course... loads of fun!!! and a pass at the end!!! would highly recommend "Road to Freedom" to any1!!! Oli
Ben, Back to biking Refresher    

I have, quite literally, been on and off bikes for years. However, the last time I was on a bike was many years ago. After buying a new bike I bumped into Paul, an instructor for Road to Freedom. We had a quick chat and I was immediately impressed by his knowledgeable yet easy going manner.

After a couple of weeks getting used to the new bike I booked a refresher. I re-learnt observations, lines and such like, things I sought of knew but that time had eroded away.

Paul was informative, patient and helpful throughout the training. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, learnt a hell of a lot and went away with a load of skills and techniques to practice. Highly recommended and a great way to re-start your biking experience.
Kate, CBT & DAS    
Thanks Paul and Clive for all your help, reassurance and patience (and boy did you have plenty of patience lol)

The Instruction was great, very calmly given and in a friendly atmosphere! I was not a very confident rider and encountered a few - ok a lot of times of frustration but both Paul and Clive helped me through calmly and encouraged me to carry on and get that much wanted pass - so thank you very much - I will happily recommend RTF to anyone!
Calum, CBT & DAS    
Both Clive and Paul were very friendly and patient. Throughout the course they made me feel at ease. they were very clear and calming. I really enjoyed the course and some of the routes provided me with an experience of what owning a bike would be like. I have recommended R to F to my friends and hope they enjoy it as much as i have. excellent value for money.
many thanks guys!
Matt, CBT & DAS    
Excellent job guys, thank you for all of the help and support you provided it was much very appreciated.
Matt, CBT & DAS    
Excellent training! Totally put me at ease through all the days, had a lot of fun as well as learning everything needed to be a safe rider and pass the test.
Can't recommend high enough!
Thank you both, look forward to seeing you soon! cheers.
Nick, CBT & DAS    
Clive and Paul both seem to have a really laid back attitude which immediately puts you at ease. I was praised on my strengths and encouraged on my weaknesses. They are both very patient and friendly and have an excellent method of teaching. Would recommend to anyone regardless of experience, RTF will accommodate and help you to succeed. Thanks to you both.
Mo, DAS    
Thanks Clive, expert tutition through out, patient , calm, very relaxed, you knew my issues, helped me get through it 1st time. Many thanks catch up with you for that coffee and me fag break thanks a lot, mo
John, DAS    
Any hesitation I had about doing DAS was quickly extinguished by Clive. His calm manner and refusal to get frustrated with my faults meant that my confidence level was on a high for the test.
This was not unfounded as I passed first time and, belatedly, I finally realised what Clive had been teaching me; self belief.
Mark, DAS    
Very pleased with the course Clive was excellent. Highly recommended
Thanks for all your help.
Tony, CBT & DAS    
Thanks Clive & Paul,your friendly and proffessional attitude made the course very enjoyable.I would recommend you to anyone thinking of doing their test.I have fulfilled my dream at 47 and bought a Pan European.
Steve, CBT & DAS    
Thankyou Paul,& Clive. I will highly recommend to anyone thinking of any training to use r2f. Clive was very relaxed and easy going and knew exactly what was needed got me through within 3 days, few nerves before test but reassured all the time. all in all I had a very enjoyable weekend, thanks again
Lee, CBT & 125 test course    
If you want bike training, choose R2F. Paul is very experienced and has an excellent teaching method - laid back and patient! Paul got me to a standard much better than expected on the test. Thanks!
Bill, CBT & DAS    
After a long, long break from off-road riding I decided to go for my CBT and DAS courses with R2F. Very helpful right from the start, the lads got me through my CBT and then the DAS course with the minimum amount of fuss.

Patiently they oversaw my nerves and gave me the confidence to get on and ride the larger bikes.

Their test preparation, explanation of the skills required to ride and friendly manner was second to none. I was put at ease all the way through both of the courses. I would highly recommend R2F to anyone thinking about going for any of the courses they offer.
Russell, CBT & DAS    
CBT Paul, DAS Clive. Amazed I passed first time with just 3 minors only having taken a four day course with no previous riding experience. You must have the patience of a saint. Cheers to you both.
Simon, DAS    
I found clive very helpful and it was great to gain experiance on the road. I felt very safe and in good hands when i was training. highly recommend take the training with these guys they are spot on.
Catherine, CBT & DAS    
I would like to thank both Clive & Paul for their time & patience in helping me get through my CBT & direct access courses. Without their help & encouragement I don't think that I would of got through it. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone considering taking their motorcycle licence.
I know that when I take my other lessons on my bike i will definately be using them again.
Once again thank you both very much and I will see you both again soon.
John, Back to Biking refresher    
Thank you Clive. I was extremely nervous the day we went out but your patience and understanding gave me the confidence I needed after a lot of years off a bike.
I am now enjoying my dream my Harley.
I will strongly recommend you and Road to Freedom.
Thank you.
Sarah & Dave, CBT and DAS courses.    
We would highly recommend anyone undertaking their Direct Access course or CBT to arrange it through Road to Freedom.

Clive has the patience of a saint and we found the whole experience to be most enjoyable, even the rain couldn't damper our spirits.

It's great driving around Weston now along all the roads we rode the bikes, it brings back many memories (some rather amusing) - it will be even better when riding our new bikes around Weston instead of driving the car !
Chris, CBT & DAS    

After getting back on a bike after so many years that i'd rather not count!! I have to say A big thanks to Clive for making my 2 1/2 day direct access course a fun and enjoyable time.

I havent been able to get rid of this grin on myface since passing my test and getting out on the road every day.

Cheer's Clive,will see you soon,Chris
Matthew, CBT & DAS    
Both Paul and Clive are very easy to get on with and translate the information and experience they both have in a practical and memorable way. No raised voices, just all out support, even if u bump yourself and the bike.

In the week since I passed I've clocked up a thousand miles and almost as many grins, bends and nods to fellow riders whilst out on the roads in the south of England and over to West Wales!

Road To Freedom..? I think so! The instruction is second to none all the way through and both guys are a pleasure to get on with. I will highly recommend them to anyone I meet who wants to learn to ride or improve, and even the ones who don't!
Daniel, CBT & 125 test course    
I couldn't be more happier, the instructors are brilliant, help you every step of the course, nice and friendly. I paid my money I got what i wanted. A pass first time on my bike test, so greatful ripped off those horrid L plates when i got home.
Thanks Paul for my CBT. Thanks Clive for my 125 Test Course.
Tom, CBT & DAS    
Excellent tuition throughout. Friendly positive instruction, would definitely recommend A+++
Ben, CBT & 125 test course    
Absolutely brilliant. Paul and Clive are very patient and understanding with you when u start off and are top class instructors (i passed first time with 2 minors). I would highly recommend them
Jason, CBT & DAS    
Wow what a great experience!!!! The training these guys give you is second to none they will go out of their way to make your learning fun and informative at the same time. If you are thinking of doing CBT or Direct access then choose Road to Freedom and you will see they are simply the best !!!!!!!!!!
Paul, CBT & DAS    
Fantastic experience from day one very friendly whilst being very professional. Bikes in very good condition. Would highly recommend to anyone. Special thanks to Clive for a great ride over the Mendips. Look forward to catching up.
Jason, CBT & DAS    
Really nice guys made me feel really comfortable excellent instruction. Really dedicated to getting you passed. I highly recomend them
Guy, DAS    
Thanks Clive! I was really nervous about moving from a 125cc to a 500cc. Your course gave me confidence, and the skill to safetly ride a much bigger bike! Many thanks for helping me pass first time!
Kriss, CBT and DAS    
Clive and Paul were both excellent teachers. I would definately recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to ride a bike. The standard of teaching is exceptional, the bikes were comfortable and easy to ride and I have been instilled with the confidence to ride safely on my own on the road.
Dan, CBT and DAS    
Both of my instructors were very understanding with my abilities when i started these courses (and i didn\'t really have any). but thanks to these guys i feel confident on the road. also when it came to my test day i felt very calm and relaxed (3 minors)and thats thanks to clive and thats why i chose ride to freedom. thanks again guys for all that you have done for me.
Ken, CBT and DAS    
I did cbt with paul and das with clive.both were friendly and patient and it was an enjoyable experience.would recomend them to anyone.
Oliver, CBT & DAS    
Overall the course was excellent. The instructors were easy to understand and made sure that you were more than capable of passing the test by the time you had to take it.
I'm now on the open road on my new GSXR and enjoying every minute of it all thanks to the team at ROAD TO FREEDOM.
Pete, CBT & DAS    
A professional and friendly school whos instructors help build confidence and awareness on the road in a safe and friendly environment.
Dave, CBT & DAS    
I took my CBT with Paul and DAS with Clive, overall both were excellent teachers with me going from having never ridden a bike before to passing my test. Both Paul and Clive showed patience, understanding, expert knowledge, a friendly demeanour and gave me complete confidence in the training course.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Road to Freedom to anyone wishing to take any form of bike training, you won't find better!
Gary, CBT & DAS    
Relaxed,Friendly,Really enjoyed my courses.Thanks to Paul and Clive.
Will, 125 test couse    
Fantastic, really helpful and friendly, taught me so much in a short space of time. Made me feel a lot more confident about riding. will be my first choice for any further traing.
Thankyou so much for getting me through the test.
Hazel, CBT & DAS    
Doing the CBT, I was nervous to begin with (more than I thought I would be), but Paul put me at ease with his calm, informative manner and humour. Once we were out on the road, I began to remember how enjoyable it was to be out on a motorcycle (twenty plus years gap!). I could have done with a hints sheet, for riding and maintenance because I couldnt remember it all, and had to jot some notes down at home.

On the DAS, I found the 500cc bike very comfortable, and felt looked after, as Clive encouraged me with positive comments and explanations of what I needed to do (even if he had to repeat himself several times, which he did in a calm manner). I really looked forward to being out and learning so much.
The final day was brilliant - wonderful riding out in the countryside helped settle me down for the test. In fact, when I passed (yippee) and drove back to Morse's I missed having my radio on, with Clive's voice in my ear. Though the bacon butties have got me into bad habits, I would love to do some more training in the future, after I have practised my new riding skills.
Many thanks
Harley, CBT & DAS    
I was fortunate enough to book both my CBT and DAS course with Road-to-Freedom. At no stage during the entirity of both courses did I feel that I'd made a mistake in choosing them. Paul zipped me through my CBT with no worries at all and Clive did the same with the Direct Access course. They were both very professional.
I passed my DAS with only 2 minor faults.
I would not hesitate in recommending Road-to-Freedom to anyone and everyone that I meet who is interested in booking a similar course.
Many thanks again to both Clive and Paul.
Peter, CBT    
fantastic day - I learnt a lot more than I ever expected to. Using gears for the first time I was quite apprehensive but Paul was very patient with us and helped us to relax and enjoy the day.
Andrew, DAS    
Clive is a very relaxed, down to earth guy who immediately put me at my ease. The learner bike was great and easy to ride with excellent tuition from the boss. I found it quite funny that whatever i was doing, Clive was there in my mirrors stable as you like!
I passed first time and good job too. I think Clive was more determined for me to pass than I was!!
Thanks Clive (and sorry for using up all your tread!). Andy.
Sandie, CBT & 125 test course    
Went the extra mile to help me get to the test- including a taxi service to pick up some documents which was unexpected. Both PAUL and Clive put me a my ease. Thanks again.
Matthew, CBT & DAS    
Superb service, Cheers guys
Stuart, Refresher    
After a small off last year needed a confidence boost.Paul had me riding faster and safer with the the bad habits gone BRILLIANT day.
Mike, CBT & DAS    
everything A* from start to test pass finish. thanks clive for all your help and patience. would definately recommend r-2-f to anyone. cheers mate.
Jamie, CBT    
excellent thanks so much
Nigel, DAS    
Just finished a hectic 3 day DAS course culminating in a good pass for myself and co-pupil Gerald. Thanks once again to Clive for an excellent 3 days. Clive remained patient and supportive throughout the course, coaching us continually. thanks again Clive, i hope your business continues to grow, you deserve it, and i would not hesitate to recommend Road to Freedom!
Gerald, CBT & DAS    
Clive you have the patience of a saint and are very understanding i was extremely nerveous as i had not ridden for 16yrs any bike at all. But you made it as i had just got of the bike and made me feel very confident again .I thank you again and will definetly recomend you and paul for the package you have put together for riders 0f all ages .I wish you well. ps please call in for coffee any time and good luck for the future.
Fred, CBT & DAS    
I've ridden bikes for about 20 years, most of it abroad. I needed a full UK license and had to do the CBT. I picked up several very valuable points and was able to correct some bad habits as well. Strongly recommended!
Dave, CBT    
I was very impressed with the clear and calm aproach to the training. No time was wasted and I felt every aspect of the course was very well organised and well rehearsed. My instructor Clive remained flexible to my circumstances throughout the day making it most enjoyble. Thankyou.
Nigel, CBT    
I found Clive to be very professional in his tutoring. He took his time to explain all aspects of the training and stopped frequently to check my understanding. He gave constructive feedback on my riding and always praised when i got things right.
Shane, 125 test course    
course went really well, ..... R-2-F training knocks spots of *****
Morgan, CBT & DAS    
After attending a CBT course and theory test I then went on to complete a 3 day direct access course with clive. i would really like to thank him for his patience and hard work, I went on to sucessfuly pass my test AMAZING !! This was all completed within one month. I am now the very proud owner of a 04, FZS 600 Fazer a big Thanks to all at Road to freedom.
Lee, CBT    
Very good instruction really helpfull will use when I progress to bigger bike
Andy, CBT & DAS    
Perfect from start to finish, instantly put at ease.I would highly recommend Road to freedom to anybody. I would not class Road to freedom as a firm but as a family.
Thank you Clive and Paul for calming a very nervous man and helping me get something i,ve dreamt of for 20 years.
Jamie, CBT    
I was amazed that how friendly the people were and i didn't feel pushed at any time because I could go at my own pace


Routes to Your Licence

The laws about getting a full bike licence recently changed, and can be confusing. What courses you can do, and what bikes you can subsequently ride depend on your age. See the official DSA 'Routes to Your licence' flowchart HERE

If you are still not sure, please give us a call.


Guarantee. We believe we offer the best value and quality training in the area, and to this end, we offer a guarantee. See here for full details;

Road to Freedom Guarantee


Free try out sessions and assessments.

We are offering free 1 hour try out sessions for those thinking of trying out motorcycling, but not sure.

If you already have a valid CBT, not taken with us, we will give a free one hour assessment ride, to see how much training we think you would need on our test courses.

Come and see how you get on, and meet one of our instructors, absolutely without obligation. Available to suit your requirements, please phone to book a session.


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